Area Group fields together in an Area
Base Base class is the parent class for all ValidForm objects
Button Button Class
Checkbox Create checkboxes (boolean fields)
ClassDynamic ClassDynamic Class
Collection Create an iterable collection
Comparison Comparison class
Condition Condition class
Element Element Class
Fieldset Fieldset Class
FieldValidator FieldValidator Class
File Create a file upload field
Group Create a group of radio buttons or checkboxes
GroupField Adds a Checkbox or Radio button to Group element
Hidden Hidden Class
MultiField Create a Multifield element
Navigation Navigation Class
Note Note Class
Page Page Class
Paragraph Paragraph Class
Password Password Class
Select Create a select element
SelectGroup Adds a SelectGroup (<optgroup>) to Select object
SelectOption Adds a SelectOption (<option>) to Select object
StaticText Injects a string in the form.
Text Text Class is the most used.
Textarea Create textarea html elements
Validator Validator Class
ValidForm ValidForm Builder main class - all the magic starts here.
ValidWizard ValidWizard class - Create multiple pages with formfields and next - previous buttons